Producer, Director, & Editor
Shot on Sony F-Series Cameras, Angenieux EZ Lenses
Edited in Premiere Pro

        Office Hours was the brand that the Digital Department at Desus & Mero initially crafted to showcase the guys independent of the duo—in 2019, it was a risky move, by all accounts, to show Desus OR Mero. The irony of the situation was that they were goofballs and somehow given an executive suite overlooking NYC. From this illustrious vantage point, they would talk about some hyperspecific corner of culture that interested them in an out out-of-breath stylized fashion. Over the years, what began as a simple direct-to-camera series, lovingly made for the Internet, grew into a massive production over the course of the duo’s tenure at Showtime. You’ll see that evolution reflected in the sampling of videos below with the oldest videos at the bottom.